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ExpoShoes Online – a social business project and directory footwear

August 1st, 2010 by exposhoes Leave a reply »

exposhoes business online

A great way to place your company and to tell about it everyone interested is our international project for the production and sales development in the footwear industry ExpoShoes Business Online!

ExpoShoes Online continues developing official partner relations with international exhibitions of the world that represent the footwear industry concluding partner cooperation agreements. According to the subject matter of ExpoShoes Business Online project, we started visiting international exhibitions of the footwear industry actively, including those that are held in different countries. Our target is to present the international project ExpoShoes Business Online to the production and sales representatives of the footwear industry and to open representative offices of the project under the direction of the footwear industry professionals in different countries of the world.

ExpoShoes Business Online is an interesting, modern and multi-functional project with extensive subject scope and a set of useful functions for businesses: sending of messages using instant coded messaging that can provide instantaneous technical translation into another language, file transfer through the instant messages system, your news in English, Russian and other news in RSS feed, articles about fashion, achievements of companies, presentation of your business or your trade mark in the user’s profile, advertising services, presentation of your companies’ web-sites in the catalogues of the businesses of the world’s footwear industry, and other important functions that will be available to you.

ExpoShoes Business Online is a multifunctional online addition to the international footwear industry exhibitions where you can learn the news of the companies on this subject, learn the latest trends of the world fashion, have a closer acquaintance with international social organizations and footwear exhibitions in different countries, show your products to those categories that are in direct relation to your business. Our project for the footwear business development is a comfort and considerable advantage for your business running and increasing the turnover of your company, efficient establishing of business relations with the representatives of the sales market, as well as perfect conditions to successfully promote your brands in different countries of the world.

The project ExpoShoes Business Online has been realized on the basis of a 10-year experience in the footwear industry business; it supplements and configures the relation between businessmen.

The registration is promotional and free, it is allowed only to representatives of the footwear industry that can confirm the form of their activity by corresponding documents of the individuals or companies that are being registered.

Save your personal time and means, make yourself known, communicate, exchange information, find your partners and successfully develop your business internationally!



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